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What is love?

She couldn’t help herself.

His smile was intoxicating.

The merest glimpse into his eyes, her heart failed. Skipped a beat. And another.

Would it ever beat again?

Would she ever breathe again?

She held her breath, she realised, as he looked into her soul.

Her soul that flew up and out of her mouth and joined with his in the air above them, joined and became a beautiful, melodical mass of cloud and thought and heart and spirit, electricity and being.

Two souls joined as one in a shimmering mass like the aurora borealis of human spirit.

His hand brushed her cheek. She flinched.

From shock, from lust, from longing.

She couldn’t bear his touch. She pined for it.

With every fibre of her skin, every miniscule living cell that pulsed in her blood, around her fragile body.

The spark between them a sudden indescribable connection, an invisible cord of lightening that once connected could not be unplugged without leaving a burning red scar, an oozing sticky wound which would fester and never heal.

She couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t breathe.

Her passion was a monster in her mind. Untamable.

A losing battle with sanity.

Pull back, pull back. She was forgetting.

Her own thoughts and feelings replaced by only him.

Three simple words would save her soul.

No more games.

Just say it. Take the plunge. Open your heart to me.



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