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Point and Click this B*tches

Point and Click this B*tches

My second lot of regular postings will come under the title of,

‘Point and Click this B*tches’

And will be themed quite obviously around gaming. Titled because of my long running love of the old classic point and click games such as the Myst game series, Monkey Island, Sam and Max and the brilliant Broken Sword, these post’s will be about my love of gaming. From what I think is new and exciting on the gaming radar, to whether I rate a game I just played, to what I used to love when I was younger.

Just to give you a brief background: I started off on the Amiga 500 when I was about 5 or 6, gradually working my way to PC gaming in 1996, then discovering quite late on that I was a PS3 fangirl, with a little bit of the Wii and Nintendo DS thrown in for good measure. I started out in point and click games because of the simplest reason – you couldn’t die. I hate dying in games – I just don’t have the patience to sit there and do something 50 million times until I get it right. I’d rather sit there and be puzzled about what the heck to do next as none of the items in my inventory seem to go together or make any sense as to how to get the spit to go the farthest in the competition.

However since those long ago Amiga and early pc days, I discovered I can play other games, in fact I’m quite good at some of them – Burnout Paradise being one of my favourites on the PS3 – who would have thought. But in playing new games I discovered the things that make me enjoy the games most. And it all comes down to X things:

1. Collecting things

I love collecting things, and knowing when I’ve collected them all that I managed to find them all too, gives me a great sense of accomplishment.

2. Accomplishment

Leading off from No.1 I need to be able to accomplish something or I will put a game down after 5 minutes. If I manage to do a race on Burnout first time – I’m hooked, if I get through a level I couldn’t do three days ago without dying – I’m hooked. However if I can’t get past a certain point, or find that last star that’s hidden, I’m outta here.

3. Levelling up

And I don’t mean this in your conventional sense I mean it by me actually getting better at a game. It always seemed to me that games were either hard or easy. I’ve learned that this isn’t always true though, sometimes the experience you get from playing a game for 2 hours straight, every day, for 2 weeks, will put you at a level where you can defeat that end boss, or you can finally do that last ridiculously evil time lap – sometimes you get better – I love it when I get better – especially as my boyfriend stops laughing at me 😛

4. Story

Now obviously this is really important but you can have the most interesting story in the world and it would be boring if it didn’t have the other three things above it. It doesn’t need to be the most in-depth one either – some of the greatest games out there at the moment have such deep and long running storylines (Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Drakes Fortune etc) that they are just epic. But equally, I’ve found tiny little games on the PS3 that have had me hooked from the beginning and have the simplest, and sometimes stupidest storylines such as Costume Quest:


5. And finally, Differing Player Abilities:

This is crucial to me really and its so simple its ridiculous. All I ask for at the beginning of a game is the option Hard>Medium>Easy. If a game gives me the option of being able to play the same game as someone else, despite the fact that they might be able to play better than me, that just makes my frigging day. Take Mass Effect for instance – I fell in love with this game after only seeing the intro – for me it’s like years of yearning to be in space from watching Star Trek and Star Wars and Stargate Sg1 and finally being part of something epic. I instantly however saw that there was combat involved – shoot em style, and I thought to myself…great another game I can’t play. My boyfriend however very kindly showed me that there was an easy option at the beginning of the game to which my eyes lit up and I a faint glimmer of hope sprang forth. Even if I died a lot, this game might be worth playing I thought, so I gave it a go. Two years later and I’m now finally playing Mass Effect 2 (slightly behind the times due to busy schedule and other stuff) and oh my god I love it so much. The fact that we can both play this game and we choose different storylines and paths to go down, makes this game soooooo awesome to play I can’t quite describe it. It really makes no difference to me if I’m on easy and he’s on hard, it just makes me prouder to see him do something that I thought was hard in the first place haha!

So anyway that’s my gaming breakdown.

Signing off, Siany.



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