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Whatcha Listening to Sconeface?

Whatcha Listening to Sconeface?

OK, so I had a really hard time trying to decide what to blog about today – after all being a relatively new blog, I’ve been trying to set up my blog categories before doing anything else. But a girl can only write about what she’s passionate about and the only thing that has me in a stir today is music.

Yesterday, shortly before going to bed I found out that a band that I really like had put up a preview of their new album online.

The band in question are The Guillemots. I first heard them on the radio during the summer of 2006. I was sat listening to a live session I think that also had stuff from the Howling Bells. But I distinctly remember hearing Trains to Brazil and Made up Love Song #43 and I knew I needed to hear more from that point on. A few years later and I found myself at one of their gigs in Falmouth with a passion for them that was shared by many of my friends. My heart was in my mouth for the whole performance; the songs were just heart wrenchingly gorgeous and I found myself mesmerized by the lead singer’s voice.

It’s been a few years since then and the singer in question went off to do his own thing for a while last year – you might recognise his name, it’s Fyfe Dangerfield and my gosh was his album gorgeous too. His voice is just so unique and has such a beautiful resonance that I just can’t get enough. So anyway he’s back with the band again and they’re finally releasing their new album – Walk the River. Long awaited by a multitude of fans, and I personally can’t wait to see them live again. But for your pleasure just for now here’s the link to the album preview site:


And just in case you can’t get enough either, here’s their previous album Red:

My personal favourite being Standing on the Last Star.

Signing off, Siany.



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