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World Cinema – The Siany Way

Well, my blog audience has spoken (thankyou all 4 of you :P) and here it is. It didn’t take me long to think of these films as they are amongst some of the best, most thought-provoking, uplifting, unusual, daring and beautifully told films I’ve ever seen. There is something about independent world cinema that is so fresh and so real compared to the idolised, squeaky clean, polished and perfected films that we receive from Hollywood.

Now there are some films which aren’t on my list which I would have liked to have been, but I had to make decisions. I decided only one film per country could be permitted and although it was a tough choice I thought I’d put a little note in at the end with other suggestions that I think are worth seeing. And of course if you have any for me, please comment as I’m always looking to broaden my filmic horizon. So down to the list:

1. Russian Ark (Russia, 2002)

I’m not going to comment on every film but this one is a must. Nothing has ever blown my mind as much as this film. You must let go all preconceptions, all your normal ways of viewing the world and simply just watch. Every time I watch this I learn something new, I see something I didn’t see before, I understand the movements more. You are made to be entirely the voyeur, and it can be quite un-nerving and tiring at first but it is so worth watching.

2.  Downfall (Germany, 2004)

3. City of God (Brazil, 2002)

4. Amores Perros (Mexico, 2000)

Now a lot of people might be more familiar with 21 Grams which was also made by the director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, and some might say it’s better than Amores Perros. But considering I’ve seen both and I don’t actually remember anything that happened in 21 Grams, I’m going to go with Amores Perros on this one. This film has such a powerful storyline to it, that only hits you about half way through and then decides to hit you a few more times as the film goes on, that I think M. Night Shyamalan seriously needs to see this film…and maybe…study it….or something.

5. La Haine (France, 1995)

This film truly has the power to change opinions, to make you think and then think again. On top of which it has extremely powerful and symbolic cinematography that enhances its message and so it’s no wonder that I go from one extreme to the other and back again when watching this film.

Btw, none of the trailers had sub-titles, so this is the beginning of the film instead. It’s definitely worth buying though.

6. Tsotsi (South Africa, 2005)

7. Pans Labyrinth (Spain, 2006)

It helps that I love Guillermo Del Toro’s films 😛

8. Battle Royale (Japan, 2000)

If you haven’t already seen this……..DO IT NOW.

9. Chungking Express (Hong kong, 1994)

The earliest of all the films on this list, it is bizarre and funny and beautiful all at the same time.

And finally,

10. Snow Cake (Canada, 2006)

I had to include this, as it was such an unusual story, so unexpected and yet so lovely at the same time. I was so surprised and overcome when I watched this, it really had an impact on me. I think this has to be Sigourney Weaver’s best role in her entire career and I’m a huge fan of Alien 😉

So that’s my list. Having watched each and every one of those trailer’s before adding them to this post I now want to watch them ALL all over again. Haha. Oh and here are the others; it was a hard choice between them, hardest of all I think was France’s option but La Haine made such an impact with me that I could not leave it out:

Shutter, Ring, Dark Water, The Motorcycle Diaries, Goodbye Lenin!, Night Watch, Three Colours Blue, The Chorus, Chocolat, Coco Before Channel, The Pianist and La Vie En Rose.

I hope you enjoy them if you do happen to watch any of them.

Signing off, Siany.



One thought on “World Cinema – The Siany Way

  1. I never did watch Tsotsi, or finish City of God. I’ll have to get on these

    Posted by Tizz | April 20, 2011, 17:11

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