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Mega-Bake-amon Transforrmmmmm!

Oh yes, it’s that time people. It’s time to frickin’ bake! Rock on! Now you might be wondering why I’m so enthused – well it’s because I never bake without music and today’s choice of soundtrack is……Tron! So how abouts you join me and click on the song below before you carry on reading 😉

There is also one very important thing you need to know about me right now – I’m no longer Siany – I am now….Siany Bake-amon Transforrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmm!


It’s baking time! And today I’m making my favourite:

Ginger Slab! =^.^=

You will need the following:

Everything you need 🙂

  •  7 Oz of Self Raising flour
  •  4 Oz of Butter
  •  4 Oz of Caster Sugar
  •  1 Teaspoon of Ginger

Add the sugar and butter together and cream – like a so 😛

Oh yeh creamy.

Then add the flour and the ginger and mix it all over again till you get this:

Should be all crumbly now

Then all you do is add it to a tray – which you need to grease first (just get some greaseproof paper, put a bit of butter on it and rub it all over the tray) and then you should have this:

Nearly there

Take your lovely CLEAN fingers and press it all down – use a knife too if u like till it’s all squished down and even in the tray….like this! haha:


I got a bit carried away with the photos…can you tell? I think it’s the Tron soundtrack egging me on! Hehe

So then you can stick that in the oven (pre-heat it on Gas Mark 5) for like 20 minutes till it looks like my one did:

Should be all golden brown

At which point you can leave it to cool and work on the icing. So get yourself a pan and add all this to it:

Everything you need

You need:

  •  1 Oz of Butter
  •  4 Level tablespoons of Icing Sugar
  •  2 Teaspoons of Golden Syrup
  •  1 teaspoon of Ginger

Then stick it on a low heat on the hob and mix it all up till it’s all melted and looks like….this!:

Melty melty yum

I’m a bit messy aren’t I – whoops! Um ok so then you can pour that all over the cooled down shortbready type bit from the oven and spread it all out evenly. Cut into it before it completely hardens so that you have bite-size squares to nibble at and hey presto your done!

Cut it alllll up.

Hopefully just in time for the song to finish in an epic crescendo and you can take a bow and a piece of ginger slab and stroll off into the sunset feeling pleased with yourself.

Signing off,




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