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Point and Click this B*tches: Amiga Amazing

Hey guys,

So it’s been a few days – I went away for my birthday and whilst I could have blogged on the move, to be honest I just didn’t want to πŸ˜› so I had a nice little break and now I’m back with new stuff to talk about.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about gaming and where I started from. It might be because my boyfriend is building himself an Arcade Cabinet – awesome times ahead! It might be because I just can’t seem to stop wanting to play some of the old games I used to love. Or it might just be because I’m extremely nostalgic and trying to escape from the reality of my current situation. Either way, this blog post is the beginning of a stream of posts that I’m going to be writing detailing some of my favourite games from the good old Amiga days. And yes some of them might be quite obscure and no they probably won’t all be the most popular games of the time such as Sonic or Mario because to be honest we (we being my brother, my sister and I) didn’t actually have any of the most popular games, in fact usually we just looked at a great big long list that was given to us, happened to like the sound of one title or another and then nicely asked for the game (it magically appeared….we didn’t ask questions).

So to begin, in true gaming fashion – begin this song and then continue reading:

That’s Datarock – Computer Camp Love btw πŸ˜‰

So onto my Amiga Amazing Games ^__^

No.1 – Superfrog!


and his little green friend.

Now this game had me hooked from the intro – purely because the story made me laugh quite a bit at the time. I don’t know how old I was when I first saw this, I remember being at a friend’s house and then loving it so much I wanted it too. I also remember my version of the game didn’t work properly and used to crash QUITE A LOT so that I think I only ever completed it once, during all the years I played.

The music from the game was actually quite good, repetitive but good; and to be honest what music wasn’t repetitive back then, hell some of it still is really bad now! I did love this game though, my favourite level was the egyptian one (below):

Watch out for the mummies!

This was probably due to the fact that I was obsessed by Ancient Egypt when I was younger, but what the heck – it’s cool I tell you! Back to the game and I think this was one of the few games I actually could play and not die to many times and weirdly the blatant advertising of Lucozade all throughout the game had absolutely no effect on me; to this day I have still never had Lucozade!? Bizarre.

Here’s the main theme from the froggy game itself: whoever created this is a genius, mainly because it’s easily hummed along to and yet still contains frog noises – who would have thought that even possible!

Superfrog was quite a late addition to the scene for me, but remains a firm favourite. So much so that I have in on my laptop on an emulator just so that I can play a little bit every now and then. I hope you enjoyed reminiscing with me. Check out tomorrows Amiga Amazer which will be one of the first games I ever played back when I was about 6 years old (1991-ish), sat on the floor in the living room with my brother and sister: here’s a clue – I nearly always played as the Dwarf.

Signing off, Siany



2 thoughts on “Point and Click this B*tches: Amiga Amazing

  1. Superfrog is one of my all-time favourite platform games regardless of platform. I’m still playing it from time to time on my Amiga 1200. The gameplay is pure excellence. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for writing about this game.

    Posted by oldschoolgameblog | April 28, 2011, 07:54
  2. Gotta love Superfrog.

    Posted by Chris Davis | September 21, 2011, 09:37

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