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Point and Click this B*tches

Point and Click this B*tches – Amiga Amazing Deux

Time for the second part of my Amiga Amazing blog posts – I’ve no idea how many there will be, I’m just going on a whim and reliving some old childhood memories! Today’s chosen game is…drumroll…Golden Axe!

Aw Yeh.

Now this was the first game I actually remember playing on the Amiga. I think that my parents thought I was a bit too young at the time and so they got lots of games for me like some weird Disney Drawing program and one with lots of silly little Amiga games on like Wheel of Fortune (with Amiga Red and Amiga Blue….the two most annoying computer generated voices you will ever hear). For the life of me I cannot find an image or video of this at all, apparently its quite rare – but I do know (from just looking it up) it was on the Play and Read disk B. Just for reference. Back to Golden Axe and if you never actually got a chance to play it – please feel free to watch this 17 minute clip of the gist of the game that I found on YouTube:

Now I have a very clear memory of playing this – I’ve no idea how old I actually was but in my head I’m 6. I’m sat on the floor in our living room, with my sister and my brother next to me. My brother is the oldest so of course he gets first pick at the characters and goes for the barbarian, then my sister is next and she goes for the kick ass blonde in the white bikini outfit….which leaves me….the smallest and the youngest….as the tiny ugly dwarf. Yay me! But I used that axe well, I was hardcore, I was invincible! Who cares if I looked like a turd. (Sorry I meant poop – that’s the American in my coming out – I watch to many American Drama’s, my bad).

I want this on a t-shirt!

So anyway, somehow the great big, giant skeleton holding out his hands didn’t scare me at all and we each chose our characters. Now at this age I had no skill at gaming at all, and I’m pretty sure we only had two joysticks so how I was controlling him I have no idea – mouse? keyboard? my mind? who knows! All I know is that at that age (and still sometimes today if I’m feeling lucky) I just whacked whatever I could, I pressed as many buttons as fast as possible and hoped I hit something. It was how I played. It might have hurt my fingers after half an hour but it was really the only way to keep up with my older siblings.

What is that thing?

Now there were two things I looked forward to in Golden Axe. Apart from just completing each level and being able to rest my fingers of course. Numero uno – That weird-looking bird/beast thing that reminds me of a Chocobo, that you could jump on and ride (see pic above). For some reason I thought they were cute and I wanted to just always ride on them.

I always remember The Turtle Village....I don't know why?

Numero Deux – the map that came up in-between each level. Yes…the map. It was only up for a matter of seconds, but yet that map was magical. Map’s to me signified adventure – I guess it sort of made it a lot more exciting in a kind of magical Goonies kind of way for me – despite the fact that this was nothing of the sort (I had a very vivid imagination). For all I know I was sat there making up my own story about how I was a lonely dwarf set out on a mission by the skeleton god to battle evil and save a princess. I don’t know, I don’t remember. All I do know is that I loved this game and I still do now. So that’s it for Amiga Amazing today.

Tomorrow will be filled with towers and two small children bashing weird creatures back and forth πŸ˜›

Signing off, Siany



3 thoughts on “Point and Click this B*tches – Amiga Amazing Deux

  1. Awww yeh, can’t wait to play some of this again, although I think i had it on the master system πŸ™‚ good times

    Posted by Tizz | April 28, 2011, 16:34
    • i’m actually trying to find the exact version of wheel of fortune. you wouldn’t happen to know where to obtain it?

      Posted by jillson | October 20, 2011, 07:52
      • As I said in the post I really only know that it’s on the Play and Read disk B – I still have both at home but I wouldn’t know where to get it now – you’d prob need to buy job lots of old amiga games in the hopes of finding it?

        Posted by Two Scones and a Milkshake | October 20, 2011, 12:02

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