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Point and Click this B*tches

Point and Click this B*tches – Amiga Amazing Day Three

It’s Friday, it’s the day of the Royal Wedding and it’s time for day three of Amiga Amazing. And in tribute to the happy couple, I’ve chosen a rather cute game about a girl and a boy whose mother gets taken away and they have to go and rescue her. So nothing to do with love stories or weddings at all.

(Congratulations though, William and Katherine).

In this story, the two children Tam and Rit, use their magic wand to foil the enemy (a harmless looking yellow blob to begin with, but more menacing later when the sharks and the crocodiles turn up) and collect flowers along the way…why? I can’t remember. Have you guessed what it is yet? Did you ever play it? It’s the Amiga Amazing Game:


Awww bunny!

Wow, what a name. Who on earth came up with that? Anyway regardless of whether you’ve played it or not, it’s still awesome. Again such a simple premise, simple gameplay and yet good all round game to keep you holed up in the games/computer room for hours on end until your dad yells at you, telling you you’ll get square eyes or something equally as daft. Who has EVER had square eyes? I mean come on. At least make it a realistic lie.

So why was it so great? Well for one, I could play it and actually get quite far which always appeals to the part of me that is impatient and has no persistence. Also the music is just like listening to the inside workings of a happy bunnies brain, “doo doo doo doo do do do do do do” =^.^= hop hop. Here check it out for yourself, you’ll see what I mean:

On top of that you have a magic wand and be honest now, who has never really wanted a magic wand?

See check him out and his wandy skills!

So anyway you’re travelling to this tower from what I remember, beating up the little annoying things that kill you and collecting flowers and building up your strength for what I can only assume is going to be one big bad ass boss at the end. And don’t get me wrong he was hard to beat – I mean I never did it, I think I got there once or twice but beating him took more skills than my tiny child hands could take (bashing at the joystick still). So it was probably either my brother or sister who actually beat him. No it wasn’t his difficulty, it was the fact that he looked like a teeny tiny, caped, flying bull, with a nose ring, who likes heavy metal but still wants to look cute. And that was only at the start, when he’s jumping around and you have to try to give him a black eye? Then after you hit him a few times, he turns into a bigger bull with a nose ring, this time who flies and tries to land on you and you still have to try to give him a black eye with your wand. THEN he turns into a GIANT standing bull, who’s got his arms crossed and is all like ‘yeah I’m way bigger than you b*tch, you’ll never defeat me, mwa ha ha’ and who shoots little blue balls of fire at you just for a laugh, and stamps so hard that the ceiling starts to fall down on you. Three levels of this weird bull guy and then finally you defeat him, he turns into tiny bull face again and waves an even tinier white flag at you looking all sorry for himself. He probably only ever wanted a friend and that’s why he kidnapped your mum. It’s always the way – classic attention seeker just like Bowser. Anyway if you want to check out this game, or maybe you just want to see Mr. Bull in action then check this YouTube video out which shows you pretty much everything:

So that’s it for another Amiga Amazing. I’m actually really starting to love these posts the most, but if you want me to blog about anything else feel free to just tell me to shut-up, or um suggest another topic maybe? Might be nicer. For now though, I’m going to have a good long hard think about what crazy game I can remember for tomorrow’s post…maybe something with a tiny dog hero or a man in a never-ending labyrinth of a building and weird machines robots that try to kill you. Hmmmmm…

Signing off, Siany



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