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Point and Click this B*tches

Point and Click this B*tches: Amiga Amazing – It’s been a while.

OK so I’ve been rather slack on the blog posting front, but in all fairness I’ve been pretty busy too. Not to bore you with the all the details but lets just say at the very least that I’ve quit my job and I’m moving house and leave it at that. Yay me 😛 All that’s left to say about that is this:

Back to the topic at hand, I’ve been thinking about this game for a while now, in the knowledge that I was going to write about it and it still makes me chuckle every time. In order for you to understand why exactly I have to go back a little bit and set the scene:

One fairly overcast (as Britain usually is) and dull Saturday afternoon, I take a trip into town with my parents in order for them to complete various errands they needed to do. I, being the good and quiet girl that I was, waited patiently whilst they went about these tasks, all the while thinking there was a slim possibility that I might get a new toy or some sweets as I did on occasion if I was good and my brother and sister played up 😉 Being the youngest definitely had its perks! haha

This particular day we walked over the old bridge to a part of town a little shabbier than the rest, a little more run down and beginning to look a bit derelict in places. A little way after the bridge was a small shop door, on the corner of the street, and it was to this door that my Dad now took us. This was what I knew at the time as a computer shop – it sold lots of games and parts of computers – now however I also know it as ‘that dodgy shop with the dodgy guy who sold us dodgy copied games’. Not that I didn’t love that we got quite a few games, just not all of them worked…or in the case of this particular game…worse.

The game is question is this:


Oh yes! I hear you say – a most excellent adventure to be had. However, you’re forgetting something, we got this from dodgy guy remember. Now this game worked, this was a ‘good’ game, but it was just a game, on a floppy disk, with no box and NO INSTRUCTIONS.

Here in lies the problem; after a short introduction similar to the film, you are told which famous people you need for your report and then the game starts with this screen:

Lets go....um where?

Now I’m not sure if we missed out on some key information in the instruction leaflet that may or may not have come with the game, but I most certainly felt like there was a distinct lack of explanation. It was obvious that we were supposed to go and find/collect these individuals, but without writing each character down during the intro screen we weren’t going to remember who to get. It was also obvious that we needed to punch certain codes into the phone booth to take us to different time periods. So what entailed from all this was a long period of time where we had to research when each character came from in order to get the date to enter into the phone booth. Then we happened to realise that some other random numbers worked too, just from experimenting with it all and that we also needed certain objects from certain places in order to get people in other places – which made it all so very complicated! And yet the premise was ridiculously simple. So I would say either we missed something (much more likely) or we were really really really dumb.

I mean who ever heard of doing research to play a game!

Not to say that it wasn’t fun – I think I’ve always been one to enjoy a challenge, even if i give up, scream and throw stuff at said challenge at evenly spaced intervals – I still enjoy the challenge overall 😛 But this game pretty much sucked, which was disappointing when it had such great potential coming from the film.

If you want to check it out in full – here is the long play courtesy of http://www.recordedamigagames.org

Thankfully we don’t have to contemplate this game failure for long as hopefully we should all be seeing Bill and Ted on our screen again soon and you never know a game might follow 😛

Signing off,




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