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Point and Click this B*tches: E3 – Any good this year?

Sorry to disappoint all you die-hard fans of my Amiga game reviews but this post is directed at something a little different, namely ‘Modern’ games 😛

Yes I know it’s been a few weeks since E3 was actually on but I’ve just been having the busiest time lately and haven’t had a spare minute to write-up what I actually made of it all. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot to say about E3 though.

Where exactly do I start? Well, firstly I was actually really impressed by Microsoft’s presentation for the Xbox 360 and Kinect, with Mass Effect 3 being the first game they showed you using the technology. It was quite impressive seeing how you will be able to control character’s using voice commands. How long have I been waiting for this day!

But as with most things Microsoft, my happiness did not last long as they showed us the clunky, disconnected, non-responsive live game-play of the new Star Wars Kinect game. This had to be one of the most irritating parts of their show, on top of which the actual action/fighting that was taking place was akin to the ‘one at a time’ fighting seen in bad action films. Where’s the thrill, the excitement even, if your just fighting off one bad guy at a time – where’s the challenge in that?

Enough of Microsoft, on to Sony! Now Sony had none of that – ‘look at our flashy technology’ crap that Microsoft did, and it certainly didn’t have any of the weird uncomfortable moments of Nintendo, or focus on the past like they did. Sony, just said – look at what you can play on the PS3 in the next year. And oh my gosh was it exciting. I was probably most in awe of the new Tomb Raider game which they first showed on this set. They still aren’t giving too much away but then it’s not due to be released for a good while yet either. But my good God wow, does it look cool. For one thing Lara Croft is very ‘normal’ looking; I get the feeling that whatever transformation she’s going to make we’re going to be there right along with her. On top of which the storyline is like Tomb Raider meets Uncharted meets The frickin’ Goonies, in terms of adventure and atmosphere. The cinematography looks more like we’re watching a film than playing a game, with a gritty, dark, up close and personal sense to it, following Lara wherever she goes. As a female gamer, I’m also loving the fact that this time around I won’t be playing a character who is a grossly inaccurate version of the female form. I will actually take some pride in, and probably feel more kinship to playing a badass young lady who seems to be gritty and real, brave and strong and most of all very determined. I actually can’t wait to get to know her better.

Of course Sony wasn’t just about the PS3 and although I’m not really a PSP fan, I was loving the look and feel of the new PSVita. The controls look pretty fun to use, the graphics are perfect for the size that it is and it just looks like its come into its own instead of being just a portable version of the PS3 which I always used to see it as. In addition they’ve made a new Uncharted game for it which actually looks really playable for someone with less action skills like me. I love Uncharted on the PS3 but the closest I get to it is just watching my boyfriend play – it’s just too god damn hard! >-< So you never know I may have to look into getting one of these some time in the future 🙂

On to the other big name of the show, Nintendo. I’ve got to say first off I only watched this bit of the show because I desperately wanted to see what the new console looked like. They kept it secret so well and I just couldn’t wait to find out more. So it was with an enormous amount of restraint and annoyance that I watched the stupid build up to it all where Nintendo focused on EVERYTHING apart from the new console. But then Nintendo like to do things differently, especially Shigeru Miyamoto who decided to act out his own dream of being Link from Zelda and open an ‘imaginary’ chest on stage to an orchestral accompaniment. Wow. Go Miyamoto – your odd, but I admire your enthusiasm 😛

I would have skipped all of this and missed this bizarre moment but of course I was watching live (for most of it anyway – damn you different time zones!). So anyway, when we finally get the part where they announce the new Wii console, they er…don’t announce the new Wii console – they announce the new Wii controller, the Wii U. Which instantly made me think of Kung Pow and Ling (wii u wii u pii u) but which is also a bit like wtf, as its like the size of my laptop monitor?!?! and we really have no idea what is going on. I’m not quite sure what Nintendo were thinking when they came up with this – of course everyone said that the Wii was a bit stupid and that the whole motion thing wouldn’t catch on and it would just be a gimmick….why Hello Xbox…what’s that you’ve got there? 😛 So who knows – maybe this is the face of the future. I have to say as odd and clunky looking as it is – I do think it’s kinda cool that Nintendo are still trying to think of genuinely new and interesting ways of playing games. Obviously this isn’t for everyone but I’ve already thought of quite a few different ways I’d like them to produce games using this console that would be fairly cool.

That’s about it for my summing up of E3. Now I know I haven’t included everything I was excited about but really how can you talk about EVERYTHING that was in E3 in one blog post I ask you. So I just tried to cover what I found most exciting. I will of course come back to other things further down the line (like how excited I am about Skyrim!!!) But for now,

Signing off.




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