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Point and Click this B*tches

Point and Click this B*tches: Costume Quest

Time for something a little older. I actually originally had this blog post up on my old site, but then lots of different things happened and I ended up making a new one – the shiny and lovely Two Scones and a Milkshake. But I loved this game and still love the people who made it over at Double Fine. So here’s my review of the awesome game that is Costume Quest on the PS3.

Costume Quest

In all my years of gaming I have never completed a game in two days straight. That is how awesome I would rate the mini game, Costume Quest, that was released recently on the PS3 and X-box just in time for Halloween. Now yes I know it’s just a mini-game and as such it’s much shorter than its counterparts but still it took two mega sessions of about 8 hours each to complete and it’s not often that I game for that amount of time all in one go. So if you’re looking for a bit of fun on a lazy Sunday afternoon, this game will hit the spot, on top of which it is the perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit.

This game has so many elements that make it fun to play. The story is well written and quirky, the characters are cute and funny and the game play is simple and easy to pick up. The story begins on Halloween night with a brother and sister making their way out into the neighbourhood to go trick or treating. What starts out as a normal candy seeking evening soon descends into turmoil when one of the two is whisked away by monsters mistaking them for a giant piece of candy. A quest then ensues in which your character must collect candy, find a variety of different costumes (all of which give you powers) and fight your way to finding your beloved sibling. A silly but delightful story of good versus slightly evil.

Off to collect Candy

The costumes that you gather throughout the game have two unique roles, the first is to help you with manoeuvring around the town and the other locations, the second is for use in battle. The battle element is creative with each character morphing into whichever costume character they are currently wearing and becoming instantly amazing. The timing and controls on some of the character’s can be a bit tricky but once you get the hang of it, it starts to just be fun. I found myself towards the end being extremely quick at these battles as I had all the moves pretty much down and knew what each character was good for.

Just a few of the characters you morph into in battle mode.

As for collecting things, in the game it’s simply a case of hitting anything that you can in order to find candy most of the time. There is an in-game menu system that shows you all the quests to do, costumes to find and various different things you need to collect. On top of which the trophies on the Playstation 3 are fairly easy to achieve and this was the first game in which I have actually managed to get all of them.

So whether you’re like me and enjoy looking for things and collecting items, or you like the battle scenarios of role-playing games, I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t enjoy playing Costume Quest. Just don’t take it too seriously. This is definitely a game to be played when you want to relax and have a bit of fun and laughter in your life, as you’ll find out when you read the dialogue, which had me giggling many times. All in all a great game for all ages and skill sets and best of all you get to morph into a character that looks as awesome as this:

Oh and since I wrote all this they released an add-on that was pretty good too.

Signing off,


P.S. Don’t mess with the Unicorn.



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