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In Aubs I Trust: A Mixtape Dedication

Every month at around this time, I click on over to one of my favourite blogs on the internet, Aubs. It is here that the lovely Aubrey Sabala writes about her thoughts, her feelings, her loves and hates and daily life. Never have I loved reading a blog more; she’s funny and quirky and ridiculously beautiful and best of all she doesn’t realise how amazing she is (modesty is a virtue people).

If I had to pinpoint the one thing I loved best though, it would have to be the music. She simple has almost the exact same musical taste as me and yet with every new mix she brings out I discover new bands and artists to fall in love with (the majority of my favourite bands now were originally introduced by Aubs). A little while back I realised that I felt it was time to give something back and show my appreciation to Miss Aubrey for all that she’s done. So with that in mind I set about creating my own mix tape that would show not only how Aubrey has influence my musical loves but also giving back some new stuff (at least I hope it’s new for her) in thanks.

This mix has two sides. Side A is the dedication side; A collection of songs that Aubs introduced to me. All of these I loved instantly when first hearing them and many of them now have fond memories attached to them of gigs and good times had.

Side B is my own collection of songs that I love, some of which are on my Jukebox page, some of which I think Aubs is already familiar with and some I’m hoping she will hear for the first time (that is if she even reads this…I continue to live in hope).

So here it is, my favourite mix – enjoy and if you like any of the artists enough then please go out and buy their albums 🙂

Click me :)

Click me 🙂

Signing off,

Siany =^.^=



One thought on “In Aubs I Trust: A Mixtape Dedication

  1. That Album art is hot! 😛

    Posted by Tizz | August 11, 2011, 12:13

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