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Fashionista GamerGerl: The Burnout Paradise Look

As it’s been a little while now since I’ve posted anything new I thought I would lead in with a week-long topic. Each day I plan on blogging about two of my favourite loves combined – Clothing & Games.

Generally when you meet or see ‘Gamergirls’ they tend to air of the side of the cute – opting for game based clothing, often in pink or a sexy Cosplay outfit. It’s not that I don’t go for this too, I just often can’t find exactly what it is I want to wear. The problem comes when I look for game-based clothing – like recently for instance I’ve been searching far and wide for some form of top or t-shirt linked with Mass Effect. I was looking for something quirky – something only fans might recognise and like but yet girly at the same time. It’s so often the way that the t-shirt business tends to cater more for men than for women and I just couldn’t find anything feminine that was exactly what I wanted. Which kinda sucks. There’s a whole niche market right there and I think it should definitely be looked at more.

So instead of buying into the gaming merchandise as I so wanted to do, I channelled my frustration into something more creative. I created five unique outfits, tailored to fit five of the games that I’ve played the most, in a way that showed my love of both fashion and of gaming. With this in mind I bring you the first of the Fashionista Gamergerl posts: The Burnout Paradise Look.

On the edge of my seat

I discovered Burnout Paradise originally as a demo from the PSN. I never thought I’d like it, I just always used to download stuff when I was bored to see if it was any good or not. First time around my boyfriend played it and he thought it was pretty good. When I had a go however I realised that this game was for me. I got the game as a present and couldn’t put it down for months. I loved the collectables: the crashes, the jumps, the super-jumps. I’ve always loved collecting stuff – if you make a game that has lots of stuff to find or collect I’m usually a fan. But it wasn’t just that, this is the first game that I’ve ever found myself getting better at. The more hours I put in, the more I would be able to handle the cars and finish the races first and beat the time laps. I unlocked a lots of trophies and became quite chuffed that I was able to without any help (usually I have to ask the boyfriend to intervene).

This is one of my favourite cars - it's the shmex.

I still haven’t finished the game, mainly from lack of time and being distracted by other games. The less I played the worse I got and now I’m finding I can’t complete anything anymore because I got all the easier trophies – typical me. But I’m not giving up – I still love to play this game on a lazy Sunday afternoon – occasionally unlock a new car or fly over one of the super jumps. And it’s not for the lack of things to do either – after I got the DLC for Surf Island I was back on it playing for hours on end, learning the new roads and beating time laps here there and everywhere. It’s definitely an ongoing game experience and I love it for that. I think some of the best games are the ones you can go back to again and again just like films – if you only want to play it once – it can’t really have been that amazing.

You can see the concentration 😛

So with that in mind I chose this outfit. I wanted to go for something a bit darker to mix with the feel of Burnout and the racing side of the game – it’s sort of my take on a rock chick look, with a bit of cuteness thrown in there. Going down the pics – the earrings were from New Look – they’re black angel wings if you can’t tell. The heart-shaped necklace is from Shanalogic – one of my favourite internet sites for cute jewellery and other items. The top I think was just a cheap one from Asda that has served me really well. Topshop gave me that skirt in the sale and the stockings were a recent buy from the lovely Ann Summers site. I really can’t get enough of hold-ups, stockings, tights, over the knee socks and knee-high socks – they are just the cutest addition to so many outfits.

Here ends the first edition of my week-blog. I hope you enjoyed and make sure you come back tomorrow for more – I really love the next outfit and I’m sure you will too =^.^=

Signing off,




2 thoughts on “Fashionista GamerGerl: The Burnout Paradise Look

  1. Awesome! ^__^

    Posted by Jendu | September 5, 2011, 12:19
  2. That was very insightful! Can’t wait to read more!

    Posted by Tim Krynicki | September 5, 2011, 16:29

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