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Fashionista Gamergerl: CSI Damsel in Disdress

Day two of my fashion meets gaming week and today’s game is CSI. I have almost all of the CSI games on either the Wii or the PC but the newer ones are all on the Wii. I don’t know why exactly because I find them a lot easier to play on the PC with a mouse but at the same time I just like using the Wii. I just find it kind of more fun šŸ™‚ I’ve been a huge fan on CSI from the very beginning, being a hardcore CSI Las Vegas fan with CSI New York coming a close second. CSI Miami is my least favourite but probably because it’s the least realistic and I find it just comical most of the time. Then again who doesn’t love Horatio Caine and his astoundingly cheesy lines said whilst putting his sun glasses on šŸ˜›

With the whole detective vibe in mind I thought I’d don one of my vintage outfits for this set in an attempt to evoke the kind of old school 1950’s Private detective film sort of feel. Now for those of you who didn’t quite get yesterdays initial blog post: I don’t actually game in these outfits…well maybe one of them but mainly because it’s very comfy. This is simply me just having a bit of fun at the weekend. I got inspired by one of my favourite indie games Costume Quest and all the crazy Halloween costumes you get to wear while fighting. I’ve always loved creating new outfits and being creative with what I wear so I just thought why not combine my love of clothing with my love of gaming with my love of photography and this is what happened šŸ™‚

So here is my outfit for Tuesdays Fashionista Gamergerl post:

Just relaxing playing CSI: Deadly intent.

The dress itself used to be my mum’s and she kindly lent it to me (indefinitely) to wear. I’ve worn this to new years eve parties and fancy dress occasions as it’s quite versatile. She used to wear it in the 70’s but to me it has much more of a 40’s/50’s kind of era feel to it. I absolutely love it and I’m so glad it fits me as half of her stuff doesn’t (she used to be so stick thin when she was younger that people used to say if she turned sideways that she’d disappear). So thank you mum for the dress. The beret is from Accessorize: my gosh do I love berets…well hats in general actually, probably more than shoes because they’re easier to fit. The shoes are from Next and although they are indescribably beautiful they are also impossibly hard to walk in (as is the way normally).

Most beloved shoes ^_^

Finally the finishing touches were the stockings – beige with a black line up the back – the style of which I adore just for their vintage feel. I’ve always had a huge interest in history and any chance to dress up and/or relive historical periods in time just totally wins me over (no surprise I’m a member of the National Trust). As to the game – well if you’re a huge fan of CSI and you find yourself continually looking for clues and guessing the endings and guilty parties then I’d definitely recommend. Some of the graphics are a bit odd at times and it’s quite amusing how badly some of the voice actors imitate the CSI cast in a few of them (particularly Catherine – makes me giggle every time when it’s not actually her). But for a lazy sunday afternoon game it’s just like watching an episode of CSI but being part of it at the same time. And so to end with my final picture – my own person version of the CSI Horatio Caine concentration look. The scenario probably went something like this:

Frank: “It looks like the victim was lured in here with a rare pack of special edition Pokemon cards and then shot in the head at point blank range.”

Moody look.

Caine (aka me): “Well Frank, It looks like the killer’s attack was… *sunglasses* … Super Effective”

Role End Song:

Signing off,

Siany =^.^=



One thought on “Fashionista Gamergerl: CSI Damsel in Disdress

  1. |,,|, Yeeeeeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh |,,|,

    Posted by Tizz | September 6, 2011, 13:21

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