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Fashionista Gamergerl: Ninja Ninja!

Hello again! It’s now Thursday and time to post up the penultimate part of my Fashionista Gamergerl blog series. Today’s post features one of my all time favourite games and one that I don’t think got enough coverage or love when it first came out. Mini Ninja’s has to be one of the best games I’ve ever played – it is so addictive that even now I still want to pick it up and play it, despite completing it over a year ago. Not only are the characters ridiculously cute but they are also quite hardcore and have tonnes of different moves and skills dependent on who you choose to play with. For a game such as this I didn’t quite know what look to go with so I decided to just go for an outfit that was cute and unique at the same time. It sort of plays on Japanese cosplay slightly whilst also just being fun and quirky so here is my Mini Ninja outfit for your viewing pleasure 😀

Relaxing on the Beanbag 🙂

This outfit contains items I don’t often get to wear out but which I couldn’t resist buying non-the-less. Like the wig for instance – I’d always wanted a vivid blue hair but the hassle of dying and maintaining such a colour put me off after all my experiments with dying in university so I opted for a wig instead – it had a cool style to it too with the shortness and the fringe pulled over my eyes. Obviously the only main option for wearing it though is some form of fancy dress so it hasn’t had many outings yet. I still love it all the same =^.^= As for the rest of the outfit, the beret and the necklace are both from Accessorize. The dress is made by Miso but I bought it in Republic. I saw it as I passed by the shop one day and just couldn’t resist popping in to try it on – it fit perfectly and was just one of those perfect buys 🙂

Mini Ninjaaaaaa!

The stockings were purchased from Ann Summers and purely bought because you don’t often see ones like that 😛 and the shoes were in the sale in Debenhams and when I went to try them on I was told by three separate women nearby that if I didn’t buy them then I was crazy as they looked really good on me – I love the kindness of strangers.

As for the game, I seriously recommend buying it – the storyline is good, the characters are awesome, it’s funny and silly in places and yet still challenging enough even on easy. The controls were really simple to pick up and yet give you a lot of different moves to choose from when killing the bad guys and best of all there are plenty of hidden things to find and/or collect (seriously my favourite thing to do!).

Ninja by my side

As you can see from the photo above I totally love this game and even started getting into it while the photo’s were being taken to the point where I wanted to stop and play briefly, my bad. Oh and the little guy on the right is just my ninja pal – he helps me out if I get stuck, you know, gives me all the cool secret ninja moves 😛 Anyway I hope you like this outfit – even though it is a tad random! See you all tomorrow for the final Fashionista Gamergerl episode.

Signing off,




5 thoughts on “Fashionista Gamergerl: Ninja Ninja!

  1. That is super cute…and I want a ninja too!! Maybe he can help me cook and clean!

    Posted by Roxanne | September 8, 2011, 17:03
  2. I am in love with this outfit… It is so sexy… The strips are perfect, and the heels to go with it are spectacular!!! There is nothing about this look I would want different… Great job!!! 😉

    Posted by H. E. Lexus | September 8, 2011, 17:06

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