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Point and Click this B*tches

Point and Click this B*tches: On the back of a giant turtle in space.

For those of you who understood the reference, well done.

For those who didn’t – go and Wikipedia Terry Pratchett and the Discworld novels right now. I would say go and read the Discworld novels but as of right now I haven’t actually read any so I can hardly recommend. I do however have two of them sat on my bookshelf patiently waiting for me to finish my current book so that I can pick them up and delve right in (thanks Dave). That isn’t the point of this post however, the reason I decided to write this particular little blog reel was because I recently re-discovered the Discworld games. And oh my are they good.

Discworld Noir

Discworld Noir - My first Discworld Game

For any lover of the classic point and click these games have to be listed among the best. I first discovered the Discworld universe in college, way back when I was a teen Siany (and ridiculously uncool). I happened to be chatting to my film tutor one day about gaming and my love of point and click and he kindly recommended and offered to let me borrow both Discworld Noir and The Longest Journey (thanks again Rob!). I happily accepted and so began my foray into the world of Anhk Morpork. It didn’t occur to me at the time that it might be odd to not only begin with the third Discworld game to be made but also without the knowledge of any of Monsieur Pratchett’s books, but then I was quite happy just playing the games. Discworld Noir was an entirely unique story so although I got an interesting peek at Anhk Morpork I still had no idea who Rincewind was or what the original stories involved that made Discworld what it is.

This is Carly on the right - she rocks

This is Carly on the right - she rocks

Skip ahead two years and I’m at University with a certain crazy pal of mine (Hi Carly ^_^) whose obsession with Terry Pratchett and his beautifully bizarre novels bordered on stalking πŸ˜› She has every single book as far as I know, many of them signed and all of them lovingly read and re-read many times. Yet despite the mammoth library stocked only two yards from my room I still failed to really connect to Discworld and actually sit down and read one of them.

A'Tuin the Discworld Turtle

Just flying through space.

My Discworld discovery then continued two years ago, now out of University, when I finally came to find myself settling down in front of the TV at Xmas time to see The Colour of Magic just starting on BBC1. Here is where it got good for me. The humour is one of the things I love the most; the bizarre, amazing, peculiar, brilliance of the world that is Anhk Morpok, the flying turtle, the elephants, the people, the wizards and everything else under the sun – it all just enchanted me in a way that I haven’t been enchanted since The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The humour in it all is the best and I can fully see now why Mr Pratchett has achieved the fame that he has – he simply has one of the most amazing imaginations in the universe. Period.

Terry Pratchett with his awesome hat

Well done Mr Pratchett

Bringing this all back into focus we come to this past week – a week in which I have pretty much run out of money, I have a million and one new games I wish to buy and anyone who knows me can tell you I’m far from the most patient girl in the world. So in my quest to distract myself from the many games I could look at but not play, watch but not interact with and pick up but not buy (sad panda), I went about trying to find games that were older and that I might be able to get my hands on more freely (*wink wink*, *nudge nudge*). Having played the usual; Monkey Island, Sam and Max, Broken Sword etc etc, I was perusing a site looking for something new to play and yet equally as entertaining (one of the best things about these games is usually the humour in the dialogue). And there it was, just sat there waiting for me to rediscover, Discworld, the original game. I began playing it two days ago and despite not having a huge amount of time to dedicate as of yet it’s already had me giggling with glee as I listen to the silly dialogue and click on random objects to see what characters say ^__^ What’s even better is that there is an element of humour in the voice acting as well with Eric Idle as Rincewind and Tony Robinson playing other various characters, both of whom I find brilliantly funny already.

As for the game play itself I actually really like the interactions – they are really easy, with only a few clicks of a button I learnt all that I need to know – no fancy menu systems, no items hidden away, no needing to click on open or look or pull first, just point and click. So simple. The puzzles don’t seem to difficult so far, so I’ve had time to enjoy more of the interactions between characters and explore the world a bit. The look of the game is so similar to all the others that it just feels natural and like a continuation of all the other great games I’ve played before. In short I’m ecstatic that I managed to find this game and can now regress back to the point and click golden age again for a little while πŸ™‚ I’d love to hear what all of you guys think, so let me know if any of you have played this already and if you have any other suggestions please feel free to pop them in too πŸ™‚ For now though that’s all.

Signing off


N.B. I’ve just been informed that Terry Pratchett is now a Sir so I’m very sorry if I have caused any offense *bows* πŸ˜›



One thought on “Point and Click this B*tches: On the back of a giant turtle in space.

  1. Siany — if you love the old school Discworld games you TOTALLY want to get your hands on the new Discworld board games! We were given “Ankh-Morpork” a few weeks ago and we play it almost e3very night now. — Ali

    Posted by Alison Weathers | October 30, 2011, 21:28

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