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Point and Click this B*tches

Point and Click this B*tches: Amiga Amazing – It’s about time.

Holy Cow

Hola everyone! Found a list I made yesterday, of Amiga games I still had yet to blog about, so I decided it was about time I got around to another posting. I’ve chosen one that’s quite mainstream this time – it’s probably likely that most of you will have either played this or at least will recognise it. It’s based once again on a tv show and really is evidence of just how long this show has been running for. Here’s a hint:

Eat my shorts

Eat my shorts.

If you haven’t guessed it this is a shot of the first level of The Simpsons: Bart vs the Space Mutants. It was a pretty awesome game and had some great elements to it that were taken from the series. In the first level you’re tasked with several objectives. Spraying anything purple to make it red (collecting spray cans along the way to refill), using your x-ray specs to check passer-by for being suspected aliens (and then turning them back by humping on them) and generally just avoiding the jumping aliens and making it to the end. I found it quite easy to play and yet sometimes the timings on the aliens jumping could be really annoying, and you should know by now if you read my other Amiga Amazing posts how little patience I have with frustrating games 😛

Bart vs the Space Mutants

Bart vs the Space Mutants

Level 2 was all about collecting hats, which seems even more bizarre than the first level (the aliens’ plans really didn’t seem very sound) and I did actually really like the mall theme. I don’t remember the levels being quite as short as they are in reality – watching the long play on YouTube I was really surprised how little game play there really was and yet I remember it keeping me and my brother and sister all entertained for hours trying to get past certain points. It was normally those pesky moving aliens that sent us back to the beginning, but a couple of the boss levels were tricky too.

The fairground level was much more fun than the rest in my opinion probably because it made more of a game of the tasks you had to complete and the end boss level amused me as you got to jump on Sideshow Bob’s feet 🙂 – I did play this when I was about 6 or 7 so definitely tapping into my sense of humour there 😛 After that came the museum level which randomly went into a forest and then into some sort of tomb but I know after watching the video (below) that we never got any further than this – and to think we were only one level away from the end too!

I’d def recommend this game to anyone who hasn’t played it already and who just happens to still have an Amiga (might boot it up myself one day!). It’s a lot of fun just to play Bart and be a bit of a nuisance and there is a lot of skill involved in getting the timings just right with jumps, which can be really satisfactory once you get it right. I think I just really like the simplicity of this game, when compared to the sort of games you get nowadays. It can be really refreshing just to look back at what used to keep us entertained – what was considered to be a full gaming experience back then compared to all the stuff people expect to get from a game now. Anyway that’s my thought for today – hope you enjoyed it 😛

Signing off,

Siany ^__^



One thought on “Point and Click this B*tches: Amiga Amazing – It’s about time.

  1. I remember this one. Quite a fun game back then. 🙂 Haven’t played it in years though, but will give it a shot this summer.

    Posted by Old School Game Blog | July 18, 2012, 15:20

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