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Jukebox: The Best of 2012

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It’s the new year and it’s time for a new me. A lot’s happened in the last year. So much so that I feel I need to acknowledge the changes and reflect on what’s been before I really look to the future. I’m not going to go into the details because frankly some things shouldn’t be aired to the whole world. Let’s just say I’m now on my own for the first time in a long time and living alone in my very own little flat for the first time ever. This is a positive step albeit a massive change for me. Really though, this post isn’t about what has changed, it’s about how great a year I had last year, despite all of the change. The people who surrounded me and loved me and made 2012 such a memorable year. So, of course (as it’s a huge part of my life), I’ve turned to music to express this.

Clock Opera on stage

At the Thekla in May for the Dot to Dot festival

The Best of 2012

1. Once and for all – Clock Opera
2. The drummer – Niki & The Dove
3. I could go – Oberhofer
4. Va fan gör du – Friends
5. Emmylou – First Aid Kit
6. Marathon runner – Yellow Ostrich
7. Rabbit hole – The Temper Trap
8. Waitress – Boy
9. Breathing underwater – Metric
10. All eyes on you – St. Lucia
11. Dark star – POLIÇA
12. Vampire smile – Kyla La Grange
13. Forever – Haim
14. Fiction in 4 moves – Xylos
15. Holes – Electric Guest
16. Five seconds – Twin Shadow
17. White lie – Jhameel
18. Oblivion – Grimes
19. Default – Django Django
20. Elephant – Tame Impala
21. The mother we share – CHVRCHES
22. Little talks – Of Monsters And Men

From the very beginning there were some amazingly catchy tunes buzzing around my head. The first five on the list are those which I found myself singing over and over (to some people’s annoyance) or playing repeatedly at work. Then came the first time of change when I moved jobs. It’s been a real opportunity to learn. To prove to myself, and others, that dreams really can be fulfilled. The next few songs are a strong reminder of those first few weeks when I joined my new work family and was taken fully under their wing. These songs will always bring back fond memories for me. After that comes the newer music which I began to discover as the months went by. From going to gigs, from friends sharing their suggestions, from my work colleagues; these songs make up the latter half of the 2012 and go hand in hand with the majority of gigs I managed to go to.

First Aid Kit gig

First Aid Kit at the O2 Academy – rocking the stage.

Music is such a massive part of my life for many reasons. But the one that resonates the most with me, is how it makes me feel when I listen to a song. Laughter or sadness, clarity or the itch to get up and dance. The emotion that goes with each song is the reason gigs and festivals remain such memorable events. So here a few of my fondest memories from 2012 formed into a playlist. It won’t mean the same to you as it does to me, but hopefully you can catch a glimpse of the great year I had and enjoy the music all the same.

Signing off,

Siany ^__^



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