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Poem: La Santa Mousia

I wrote this a little while back for my Nanna. It accompanied a small brooch of a jeweled mouse to keep her company and watch over her for me. It’s a little daft but I like it anyway. Just thought I would see what you all think 🙂

La Santa Mousia

This tale began on a cold winter’s night,
with a woman who shrieked with all of her might,
for she’d just seen a mouse and it gave her a fright.

“A mouse! A Mouse!” The poor woman cried,
“Oh what shall I do with that THING in my house!”

The mouse (who’d decided he disliked the noise),
Politely withdrew with the utmost of poise,

He packed up his suitcase with choice and with care,
And then feeling spontaneous, for fun and a dare,
He flipped open a map and said, “I shall go there!”

Mouse in a waistcoat

La Santa Mousia

Now you may think that this is the end of the tale,
But in truth it is here that his story sets sail.
For the mouse, he did travel and wherever he went,
He would help those in need, just as if heaven-sent.

The people they called him La Santa Mousia,
But the mouse preferred Bob, which to say is easier.
And the people in thanks for the help that he gave,
Would give him small jewels that they found in a cave.

Now the tales of the deeds of the mouse grew in fame,
and after a while EVERYONE knew is name,

Including the woman whose house he’d called home
And the thought that he’d gone made her feel quite alone.
She’d misunderstood that a creature so small,
Could do her no harm, no no harm at all,

She promised herself should she see him once more,
That she’d look after him, to make up for before,
To make up for shrieking, the terrible din,
And the thought of how utterly horrid she’d been.

She made him a bed and she bought him some cheese,
She imagined they’d dine in the warm summer breeze,
Then she wished on a star “Won’t you bring him back please?”

And lo and behold the mouse did return,
For he’d missed his mouse-hole and had no more to learn.

“The world has taught me astonishing things,
about people I’ve met and the joy that they bring,
But now I am tired and needing a rest,
Oh can’t I come home to the place I love best.
I’d sit on your shoulder and take care of you.”
Said the mouse to the woman, who nodded and knew,
She was lucky to have such a wonderful mouse,
as a friend and an angel who lived in her house.


Hope you enjoyed it.

Signing off,

Siany =^.^=



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