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What is love?

She couldn’t help herself. His smile was intoxicating. The merest glimpse into his eyes, her heart failed. Skipped a beat. And another. Would it ever beat again? Would she ever breathe again? She held her breath, she realised, as he looked into her soul. Her soul that flew up and out of her mouth and … Continue reading

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The Adventures of PariSiany: How on earth did I get here?

Times change, so do people Late last yearΒ I realised that my current role had become something I hadn’t expected or looked for. It wasn’t awful, although I was stressed a lot, but it just wasn’t making me happy anymore and I realised I wanted, or even needed a change. I decided to myself that enough … Continue reading

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Jukebox: February 2014

Hallo all, I’ve had a request for a new Jukebox post. Always nice to know that someone is reading – so here it is πŸ™‚ I’ve been pretty overwhelmed with music as of late. Some truly beautiful songs out there. Some which make my heart beat faster, some which make my feet twitch with an … Continue reading

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Perkalept and the Onion of Glory cont…

Here’s the second little snippet from Perkalept and the Onion of Glory. You might want to make sure you’ve read the first part before continuing, as it carries straight on, but it’s up to you! πŸ™‚ Now, let her adventure continue… Part 1 cont. Perkalept opened one eye cautiously. It had taken her at least … Continue reading

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Perkalept and the Onion of Glory – Part 1

Dear readers, I have found I’ve been having rather a lot of fun writing something a little bit different lately and so I thought for a change I would start to post some of it up. If you all enjoy I may continue πŸ™‚ But for now here is the first little sneak peak. Let … Continue reading

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Jukebox: A little 2013 update

So I’ve taken my Jukebox page down and decided just to have mini posts instead – a bite-sized taste of what’s out there at the moment. I cannot stop listening to these songs so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share them with you. Enjoy!

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Poem: La Santa Mousia

I wrote this a little while back for my Nanna. It accompanied a small brooch of a jeweled mouse to keep her company and watch over her for me. It’s a little daft but I like it anyway. Just thought I would see what you all think πŸ™‚ La Santa Mousia This tale began on … Continue reading

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Jukebox: The Best of 2012

It’s the new year and it’s time for a new me. A lot’s happened in the last year. So much so that I feel I need to acknowledge the changes and reflect on what’s been before I really look to the future. I’m not going to go into the details because frankly some things shouldn’t … Continue reading

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Point and Click this B*tches: Amiga Amazing – It’s about time.

Holy Cow Hola everyone! Found a list I made yesterday, of Amiga games I still had yet to blog about, so I decided it was about time I got around to another posting. I’ve chosen one that’s quite mainstream this time – it’s probably likely that most of you will have either played this or … Continue reading

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Jukebox: My Melodies of the Month of May

It’s Been A While I haven’t done any blog posts in a while and I apologise for that right now. I haven’t done much writing at all to be honest and I’m quite furious with myself for that too. But recent events have led me to having much more free time once again and so … Continue reading

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